For our corn-based pasta we use a mix of locally grown ancient varieties: Ottofile (eight row flint), Marano and Pignolet.

Ottofile corn is indigenous to the Alfieri hills, south-west of the city of Asti, and the name refers to the fact that its kernels are set in eight rows on each ear. Ottofile corn is remarkable for the deep red colour and smooth, glassy surface of its kernels. Thanks to the proximity of the river Tanaro, our local Piedmontese Ottofile has unique organoleptic qualities.

Marano corn originates in the North-East of Italy, in the plains surrounding the city of Vicenza, while Pignolet corn is typical of the Piedmontese area of Canavese.

As well as being naturally gluten-free, our corn mix is wonderfully bright yellow in colour and has an exceptional flavour.

Our products with Corn
Corn Penne
Corn Fusilli
Corn Gnocchetti
Corn Pennette tricolore