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“In our family we share since ever passion for organic food and healthy lifestyle”

Dario e Rosangela

 Pasta d’Alba:

Artisanal organic pasta workshop

Pasta d’Alba starts in 2006 from in intuition of Dario and Rosangela: an artisanal organic family workshop whose pillars are quality, creativity and innovation.
Pasta d’Alba is young and dynamic company: the excellence of our products is our strength, costomer care and flexibility are our added value.
Who works with ous is always satisfied!

The excellence of our products is our strenght point

Dario is the creator and the producer of all our products, from the most traditional to the most innovative.

Experts in nutrition and wellness

The knowledge and the support of Rosangela, professional in nutrition, healthcare and naturopathy, is an important added value for our company.

Recently the new generation joined the company: Luisa takes care of sales and customer relationship; Marco follows marketing and international markets; Laura, the youngest daughter, takes care of social media and cooking recepies.

All our products are certified from organic

Hig quality ingredients are what makes the product soo good

Bronze-die extruded and low temparature


Factory +39 0173 612772
Dario +39 335 7782156
Luisa +39 339 4512219
Marco +39 328 5946951

Contact us for any information

Business customers
If you have a business contact us to have our catalog (On demand is also possible to receive samples).
Private end consumers
If you are a private end consumer ask us the indication of the closest shop or visit our shop on-line.



Via Cagna 5 Diano d’Alba, frazione Ricca 12055, CN, Italy

We are located in the heart of the magnificent land of Langhe.


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