Handmade tagliolini and tagliatelle and bronze-drawn short pasta, just as tradition dictates

Our flours come from local mills and we favour ancient grains and local produce.

Our types of pasta

Hand-nested long pasta and bronze-drawn short pasta


Long Pasta


The tagliolino, also known as tajarin in Piedmontese dialect, is the typical pasta of Langhe

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Long Pasta


We make this Italian classic with traditional, wholegrain and special flours

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Short Pasta


Our penne are a very versatile type of pasta made with organic flour

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Short Pasta


A wide choice of flours that brings out the true character of an everyday pasta


Slow dryin

To preserve flavour

Our slow drying process at low temperatures for over 20 hours preserves all the nutrients and the organoleptic properties of fresh-milled flours.
This process makes our pasta more nourishing, easier to digest and more fragrant.


Organic and locally sourced flours

We have chosen to work exclusively with high quality organic flours.
We prefer to use ancient seed and locally sourced products for our flours, such as Ottofile, Marano and Pignolet corn or Garessio chestnuts.
For durum wheat based products we have chosen the Senatore Cappelli variety, an ancient type of grain, untouched by the genetic modifications that are typical of modern industrial farming.
For our spelt based products we use monococcum spelt flour, stone-ground by the biodynamic farm La Raia.

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Minimalist, see-through packaging makes sure that our product is immediately visible.
Its shape, colour and surface roughness are instantly evident while taste and scent are preserved.

500 g

250 g