Certified gluten-free short pasta, made with 100% organic legume flour

Lots of vegetable protein and fibre with a low sugar content, for a nutritious and balanced meal.

A line of products that are certified

Organic and gluten free

Our line of 100% gluten-free pasta is produced in a dedicated, health-approved workshop.
Our gluten-free workshop undergoes stringent checks and chemical analysis of raw materials and end products.

Types of pasta

Short bronze-drawn pasta

Proprietà della selezione legumi

Legumi provenienti da coltivazioni italiane e di filiera controllata


Organic Green Piselli

100% peas penne are a very versatile pasta: rich in iron, magnesium and zinc, the green peas are suitable for low-calorie diets.
Gustatele con un filo di buon olio extra vergine di oliva oppure un buon sugo di verdure di stagione.
Enjoy them with a good extra virgin olive oil or a good sauce of seasonal vegetables.


Fagioli Bio
Organic Beans

Fusilli with white beans exceptional from the nutritional point of view thanks to the high fiber content are therefore also indicated in slimming diets. Excellent with oil or seasonal vegetable sauces.


Organic Red Lentils

They will conquer you first of all for the red color, made ignited by bronze drawing.Symbol of winter months, they are ideal for our body thanks to the right and balanced content of carbohydrates, fibers and proteins.


Organic Checkpeas

Organic chickpeas gnocchetti contain all the benefits of this legume rich in properties such as vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, zinc, potassium, they are also particularly suitable for the control of cholesterol and glycaemia.

Slow drying

To preserve flavour

Our slow drying process at low temperatures for over 20 hours preserves all the nutrients and the organoleptic properties of fresh-milled flours.
This process makes our pasta more nourishing, easier to digest and more fragrant.


Minimalist, see-through packaging makes sure that our product is immediately visible.
Its shape, colour and surface roughness are instantly evident while taste and scent are preserved.