This line includes products that are typical
of our area, the Langhe hills

Truffle, hazelnut and great wines reinvented according to our values: the perfect balance between taste and wellbeing.

Types of pasta

Typical ingredients

Our pasta is made only with local and natural ingredients, according to the piedmontese tradition and
always respecting our philosophy and love for organic products


Organic egg

Tagliolino, called “tajarin” in the Piedmontese dialect, is the typical format of our Langhe.
Made with flour, fresh eggs from free range hens and water, just like our grandmothers used to do.


Organic Chestnut

Product born from the idea of combining Senatore Cappelli flour with chestnut flour, a typical fruit of the mountain areas of our region.
The result is a pasta with a delicate and pleasant taste, excellent only with a little oil or accompanied by a mushroom or pumpkin sauce.


Organic Truffle

Tajarin with Truffle are born from the union of the traditional Tajarin with Truffle and egg, a product of excellence in the Langhe, thus a pasta is born that contains in itself the typical flavors of the territory to the genuineness of the past.

Slow drying

To preserve flavour

Our slow drying process at low temperatures for over 20 hours preserves all the nutrients and the organoleptic qualities of fresh-milled flours.
This process makes our pasta more nourishing, easier to digest and more fragrant.


Minimalist, see-through packaging makes sure that our product is immediately visible.
Its shape, colour and surface roughness are instantly evident while taste and scent are preserved.

Tajarin all'uovo
Tajarin al Tartufo con olio extravergine di oliva al Tarfufo bianco d'Alba

Langhe a land of excellence in the food and wine industry

It is not just the charm of its rolling, vine-combed hills that makes Langhe a unique region, worthy of being awarded Unesco World Heritage status. Its fine products, such as Alba white truffles and Piedmontese hazelnuts, add extra value to the area. These examples of food excellence have inspired a line of products dedicated to our land. Our pasta is made using only local and natural ingredients, according to Piedmontese tradition.