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We are

Pasta d’Alba was born in 2006, in the heart of the Langhe area, thanks to the vision of its founder,
Dario Mainardi, and his wife Rosangela, a naturopath and wellness professional.
They wanted to create a family-run artisan pasta workshop in which innovation and tradition could merge.

An icea certified organic farming
artisan pasta shop since 2006

We believe

Far from being left to chance, our choice of raw materials is the result of a careful and constant selection process. This has always been our strength: we work with fresh-milled, stone-ground flours, all from certified organic, and in some cases biodynamic, farming. These include wholegrain, ancient grain, gluten-free and 100% legume flours.

That product quality starts
with the selection of raw materials

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We work

With great artisanal care and traditional techniques

In our workshop, tagliatelle and tagliolini are hand-nested, just as tradition dictates. Our short pasta types are bronze-drawn in order to obtain the surface roughness typical of artisanal products and which is ideal for collecting and holding the sauce.
Our pasta is subsequently dried slowly and at a low temperature for at least twenty hours.

The resulting products are full of taste and, thanks to our attentive and meticulous low-temperature production process, they preserve all the nutrients and organoleptic properties of the raw materials. We put just as much care in packaging: our approach is minimalist, so that our products may speak for themselves while keeping fresh at the same time.

Our values

Define the way we live and make pasta

We believe in a natural diet and in an agricultural system which does not consider land as a property but as a precious gift. We believe that the prosperity and abundance of the land should be enjoyed conscientiously, responsibly and with gratitude.

Our family has always valued organic food and healthy eating and the birth of our three children, Marco, Luisa and Laura was just the push we needed to make our dream come true.
Our ongoing search for fresh, high-quality raw materials, and the consequent excellence of our products, is our trademark.
Direct contact with our clients, flexibility of our company’s structure and our constant eagerness to improve set us apart.

Dario, a true craftsman, carefully follows the production process every day: he is the true creator of all the products you find in our catalogue, from the most classic ones to the most unconventional.
With her background in the field of natural diet and her passion for innovation, five years ago Rosangela created the most recent line of 100% gluten-free certified products which are produced in a purpose-built workshop next to our main one.
With her helpfulness and friendly manner, Luisa takes care of customer relations; Marco manages marketing and foreign sales while Laura, our youngest, handles social media and recipes.

Our workshop

In the heart of langhe, a land of ancient traditions

Our headquarters in Diano D’Alba include two separate production workshops: a dedicated and certified workshop reserved for the exclusive production and packaging of gluten-free products and a separate workshop where non-gluten-free products are made and packaged and where all our products are labelled.

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Our company’s structure

Allows for wide distribution

Our adventure started in 2006 and since then, production has increased year after year – true confirmation of the quality of our products and of the effectiveness of the way in which we interact with our clients.

We aim to sell our products to shops, buying groups and private individuals through direct contact with the client.
In this way we maintain a slim and efficient structure and we can tailor our product to match your specific requests.
We have established a closer collaboration with some buying groups by customizing flours for their specific needs and delivering the finished product at a competitive price.

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Organic, vegan and gluten-free

Thanks to the flexibility of our productive structure we are an ideal partner for the development of certifiable organic,
vegan and gluten-free branded products for international and European markets.