Our pasta

Is made with organic flours only

In a product where the list of ingredients is as short as the one for pasta, the quality of the raw materials makes all the difference.
We know this very well and for this reason we only use organic flours in our products.


Our strenght

Is a high quality product

We use freshly milled flours in order to preserve the natural qualities of this ingredient and minimise the oxidation and deterioration process.

The origin of

Our Flours

Many of the cereals and raw material that we use come from the surrounding hills:
Langhe, a land of excellence in the food and wine industry and World Heritage Site.

Our choice

In favour of ancient grains

We never use soft grain wheat in any of our products. For our tagliolini and tagliatelle we have decided to use
Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina, an ancient variety that has undergone no manipulation.

Queste varietà, macinate a pietra, hanno un gusto più intenso;
Inoltre, contenendo una minore quantità di glutine, sono anche più leggeri e digeribili.

Our choice of flours

In favour healthy and tasty ingredients